Well hello, everyone. I’ll be truthful with you guys, I’ve never been very good at writing these kinds of things. Which is probably why it has taken me so long to write one of these. But regardless to say I’ve decided it is probably time that I write one, so here I go.

My name is Ivy, I’m 20 years old soon to be 21. I have been knitting since I was 14, cross stitching since 15 and crocheting since I was 16. I started hand sewing at 11 or so but didn’t really do much just made two teddy bears. By then I had started sewing with a sewing machine at about 13 I would say so I stopped the hand sewing. I’ve made a few quilts and have gotten into making quilts for newborn babies to close friends, so far I’ve only been able to give out three, but soon I will have to make two more or three more(depending if she is having twins or not). I haven’t started yet till I find out the genders.

Hmm now let me think…what else can I tell you?

Well, I think I will end it here if that’s okay. Maybe I will make a new post with something a little more.