My Home of a Needleworker

Hi everyone,

I am back to do a stitching update and also show you the piece that I have been working on for the past four and a half months.

This piece is Home of a Needleworker. You all know what it looks like, but in case you don’t, I put a picture below of the chart.

Now I made a lot of changes to mine, as this piece has been done so many times I really wanted mine to look different. For starters, I did not use any of the called for DMC threads, in fact, I did not use any DMC threads. I wanted some variegation in the piece so I actually changed over into using Silk ’n Colours by The Thread Gatherer.

I love these silks. Nice to stitch with (sometimes knots up) and the colours are so nice. Now I couldn’t find any conversions going from DMC to Silk ’n Colours so what I did was I looked at a colour chart online of the Silk ’n Colours and basically looked at the type of colour they were using for each symbol and picked what I thought would look best. Now, this isn’t always the best for everyone and it can turn out wrong, so if you don’t feel confident enough to do it this way then don’t. It also can take a very long time. I didn’t mind doing it and it felt like I was designing my own piece of artwork.

I started this piece on: June 24th, 2018 I am stitching it on: 32 ct. Evenweave Threads using:

    00E Ecru
    063 In the reds
    177 Simply Strawberry
    161 Bear Brown
    175 Straw into Gold
    260 Slug Bug
    089 Dark Forest
    090 Green Leaves
    00B Black
    174 Chestnut
    339 Industrial Stone

So far I have worked 50 hours on the pieces and this is what I have so far: So what is everyone else up to, is anyone starting anything new on Halloween?

And happy Halloween everyone.


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