Stitching Tip: Changing Colours

I was reading my Book of Embroidery from RSN and I came across something that I have learned before but never applied it to cross stitching before.

So if anyone has ever taken an art class before you will have heard of the colour wheel before.

Now looking at this colour wheel you know that if you want colours that complement each other you choose the colour that is directly across from the colour you want to use. They call these colours complementary colours.

Now I have changed colours in charts before but I thought using a colour wheel would be a great idea if you had a monochrome design and wanted to change it into something with different colours. Well, I think using the picture above could help if you just had no idea really how you wanted the piece to look.

I hope this was a good tip to anyone that is afraid of changing colours, you can start with this and even though it might look like they don’t go together, as long as it is right across they will, sometimes you just actually need to see the colours together instead of just on a wheel.


2 thoughts on “Stitching Tip: Changing Colours

  1. Great idea to use for yarn. I do have a color wheel in my craft room, somewhere. When papercrafting, I use whatever colors appeal to me at the time. But I do know that the color wheel helped my customers when I was teaching card making and scrapbooking. For some reason, I have trouble visualizing yarns together. This may come in handy if I can find my wheel 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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