Four Months…Stitchy Time

Hey, everyone.

Yes, I am still alive,

And yes I am still writing this blog; even though I guess I’m not on here enough and don’t even post enough. When I first started this blog I didn’t care if people read it or not (actually still don’t care if no one ever reads this) I just wanted a place to write and talk about stitching. The only problem seems to be that now I don’t really update enough. I really want to try and make this a place that I am always updating and showing my work as I am stitching. I even thought of a great idea of posting my progress on my stitching though I can’t really do that until I start a new piece (which I don’t really want to do as I am working on almost past my comfort zone)

And basically, I want to post a picture of my work each time I work on it. So, for example, I will show a blank canvas as the first picture and then show another picture with how much time I stitched on it. And then from there, I will just keep showing how much time stitching it took to get to the new amount stitched. If any one is reading this I would love to here your thoughts on this idea. Thanks.

I did actually finish this to give to my mom for her birthday. I do have it all framed I but I forgot to take a picture of it framed before I gave it to her. It looks amazing framed, I went to Michaels to get it professionally framed. My sister happened to be with us that day and she went behind the counter and right away started pulling off frame samples and seeing if they would match. The forming lady didn’t mind at all and said my sister had a good eye for picking things out, though of course I didn’t ask for the price of the frame and it turned out to be almost 200 dollars. It was a shock but I wanted it to be really nice and after all, it was for mom. Besides that frame looked perfect on it.

This i also finished, though only last week or so. It is a free chart on Plum Street Samplers if anyone wants to know. This is part of a Tracy P. Birthday SAL that she has been doing for the last three years I believe. This is my second time doing it. You don’t have to give it to her, you can just stitch it like any SAL and keep it, but I actually like stitching it and then sending it to her in the mail. She liked the last one I did. I will have to show you how it looks when I get it all FFO’d.

I do have a new start (okay not new as I started it around three months ago) but new in the fact I haven’t shown it yet. I think though since I would like to write all the colour changes that I did I will make it a separate post.

So besides stitching, I guess the only really new thing that has happened is that my fiancee and I moved (about two months ago)

It actually is only a block away from our old place, the reason we moved though is that the place is bigger and actually way nicer. I am so glad we moved and it really feels like a real true home. I am already looking at all the walls and seeing what I could stitch to fill them up so they are not so plain.

It feels good to write on here again. I have really missed it. Even though I might not be actually talking to anyone I feel as though I am getting all my thoughts out about my craft and it feels so good. Even though I have a wonderful fiancee that finds it so funny listening to me rant about my craft to him, I really don’t have anyone else to just fully express myself to. I mean just even to talk about my new finishes feels good. I worked so hard on them and in a way writing about them here makes me see how much progress I have made in terms of stitching.


6 thoughts on “Four Months…Stitchy Time

  1. Its awesome! and really sweet of you to make something special for your mom. I have been stitching for more than 20 years and sometime I lose the bug too, but it always comeback! thanks for sharing

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  2. You can post when you want. It’s your blog. No pressure. Your millions of fans will be happy to read what you post when you post 😊 Your stirchings are beautiful. A beautiful gift for your Mom. I’m sure she loves it. I love the coffee stitch. It’s exactly how I feel most days 😉 I look forward to reading your next post and seeing what you are up to. Happy stitching!

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    • Oh well, thank you so much. You make such nice comments when you comment on my blog. I have missed making posts actually and I have missed reading blogs too. I’m going to start getting back into reading and catching up on blogs I follow. Thanks so much again. You are a wonderful person.


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