New Hobby

Hi everyone.

So surprise, I have started a new hobby. I have always liked the idea of card making however I never got into actually making cards. Unless of course it was a cross stitch card.

I finally decided to take the big step (if you want to call it that) and look for a card making kit. I wanted to make mother’s day cards for my mom and for my mother-in-law. I really don’t know if this mother’s day will go as it is the first mother’s day without my grandma. I am hoping to get my mom a home made card(she always loves it when I get her a cross stitch card). The place that I went to to get is called Stampin’ Up. The site has all kinds of paper crafts and if you don’t really know where to start they have little kits. That’s what I got, a card kit.

This is what came in the box. Lots of great stuff and if you don’t know what kind of card to make they did four different kinds of cards. I didn’t use any of them I made up my own.

This is the one I’m giving to my mom.
This is the one that I will be giving to my mother-in-law.

If there is anyone else that is a mom then I wish you all a very happy mother’s day and I hope it is a day that can be filled with peaceful relaxing self care day.


Weekly WIP Update IV

Hi everyone, yes it has been I think over two weeks since I last showed an update on my stitching. Now not doing an update isn’t because I haven’t been stitching, in fact I have a finish to show you. No, the reason I haven’t found time to write up a post is because I have been kind of sick. So I got sick and now even though I’m not really sick I just have this ongoing sore throat. So anytime I have thought that oh I should make an update post I have not had the energy or have just wanted to stitch instead.

So now to show my finish!

I think she turned out great. And I can’t wait to see her framed next to Mr. Delicious and both hanging up in my kitchen.

Now the other WIP I have been working on is my Mill Hill kit, which I think I’m making great progress, but of course I still have so many beads.

I actually don’t really mind beading that much. I like putting on the beads, the thing I don’t like is getting the beads together and trying not to loose any.

Alright I think that’s all for this week and I will definitely try to make my update post once a week so that you can really see progress.

Have a great rest of your week.

And don’t forget to enjoy your craft, whatever craft that may be.

Weekly WIP Update III

Oh wow! Can’t believe April is almost over. I’m sorry I haven’t made any blog posts in over two weeks, when I said that I wanted to be doing weekly update posts.

The reason I haven’t made one is that I haven’t done a lot of stitching. Work has been very busy and a little stressful so mostly when I get home from work I have been sleeping so not a lot of stitching has been getting done.

Today though I did make a lot of work on one of my WIP’s that I thought it finally looked like enough progress to show you all.

Well short little blog post this evening. I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend and you get lots of stitching done.

As for me I’m going to watch flosstube and do my stitching tonight.

Weekly Stitchy Update II

Well the weekend has ended. I hope everyone’s week was a good one and filled with lots of stitching.

I had a pretty good week of stitching and I think I made some pretty good progress. Though I actually only worked on one WIP.

This is Dutch Iris by Silver Lining
This is what it will look like in the end.

I’m going to also be adding words to the bottom side that read: “Always Loved, Forever Missed” and will also be framed with a picture of my grandmother and I on my wedding day.

This is my grandma, Iris McPherson

I will write another post another time about my grandma and why I am stitching this piece.

Have a wonderful stitching week everyone. ❤️

Our Wedding

The last post I have done that was over two years ago. Jaden and I were still engaged.

So on August 19th, 2021 we finally said our I Do’s

Since there were still COVID regulations we had a very small wedding.

This is one of my favourite pictures of the day.
We had the small ceremony in a small local restaurant where we then had the reception.

We didn’t have any party. Just a short ceremony and then reception meal and then we went off on our honeymoon.

This is our camper we got before we got married and this is what we took on our trip through the mountains.

I’m not sharing any of my stitching with you today. Stitching updates will be on Fridays other little posts if I do them in the week, will be little updates on things that happened in the last two years that I didn’t do any posting. Don’t worry they won’t be very long, just short ones like this.

Friday Stitchy Update

Hi everyone,

I have decided to make Fridays my days of the week that I share my crafting updates with you.

It’s been a pretty good week of stitching I would say, though I did only stitch on one thing this week.

Victorian Charm

I think I’ve gotten a little farther, though now I am ready to work on a different WIP which I will share with you all next Friday.

Little House plants side note:

Christmas Cactus

I learnt that the only way you can tell between a Christmas cactus and a Thanksgiving cactus is that Christmas Cactus blum red flowers and Thanksgiving cactuses blum orange sometimes off pink like flowers.

This is the second time I have seen this cactus blum. The first time was back in early December.

Anyway hope everyone has a great stitching weekend.

My Second Year Of No New Starts

So at the end of 2021 I was hearing more and more about the Facebook group No New Start, which group gives you the goal of having no new starts for the whole year and seeing how much progress you can make on your WIP’s.

Well as a person who loves to stitch but yet wants to work on different projects all the time and has also never had more than none WIP’s at a time I knew this would be a very interesting change for me. Most people would find that not starting the challenge but I knew if I had a good amount of WIP’s with lots of variety that I wouldn’t miss starting so much.

So the year of 2021 I spent the end of the year starting all the WIP’s that I wanted to have for my year 2022. So by the end of 2021 I had 18 WIP’s which for any one who has read my blog for a while now would know that that is a lot for me. So for the first few months of year 2022 I was kind of just shocked how much WIP’s I had.

The year of No New Starts starts from January 1st to December 12th, then on the 13th you can start starting new cross stitch pieces especially if you are going to do it again next year. Since 2022 I had so much fun with No New Starts I am doing it for this year too.

Now enough with talking. Let’s get to the showing off the rest of my WIP’s shall we?

Stitch in Time By Mill Hill Button and Beads

I started this piece on December 13th, 2022. I will get the Mill Hill frame to go with it and it will go up by my stitching spot. Which I will one day share a picture of with you.

Mrs. Delicious By Lindy Stitches

I started this piece on December 15,2022. This piece has a companion piece to go with it and they will both be framed to go in my kitchen as a little dark humor.

Mr. Delicious By Lindy Stitches

This piece I started on December 16th,2022. This is the companion piece to Mrs. Delicious. As you can see I really haven’t stitched that much on this piece. Guess I’m just finding it more fun stitching on the other pieces.

From This Day Forward by T.A.Smith Designs

I started this piece on December 17th, 2022. This piece is for my mother and father in-law for their 30th wedding anniversary that will be next year. Their wedding colours were light pink and white so I’m doing it in a pinky variegated thread on white fabric.

R2D2 by Nikki Pattern

I started this piece on December 17th,2022. I am stitching this piece for my husband, Jaden for Christmas this year. I have at least once a year since we got together, stitched him something.

Spring Quakers by Rosewood Manor

I started this one on December 17th, 2022. I have had this chart for a few years now and I have finally gotten around to starting it. It’s not on the called for fabric but I am using the called for threads.

Dutch Iris by The Silver Lining

Started December 18th,2022. This piece is actually going to be a dedication piece. Which I will talk about in a different post.

Bird of the Month April by Stoney Creek

I started this piece on December 20th,2022. This is one of the last three birds of the month pieces that I have left to do. I am hoping I can finish this one on time for me to fully finish it to hang up in April.

Bird of the Month July by Stoney Creek

I started this one on December 22nd,2022. I had planned on starting the last three of the collection that I have to finish but as the year was coming close to the end I was getting tired of starting pieces so I will then have just one more to start when it’s end of December this year and I can start things again.

Victorian Charm by Dimensions

I started this on December 30th,2022. This was actually a surprise start as I won it in a draw on the No New Starts Facebook group and I got it in time to put it into my year of no new starts.

Alright I think I will end the post now. This wasn’t supposed to be so long but I wanted to share the rest of my WIP’s in one post so I wasn’t taking this into post after post.

I will be back later this week.

Happy Stitching everyone! ❤️

Over 2 Years


I don’t even know how I am even writing to you all right now (if any of you are even still here). So in case any of you are still here and willing to read I thank you all and those that first started reading on here and our coming back now I thank you too. Now to any maybe new people coming on here to read I guess I’ll start by saying that this blog is about me just basically ranting about my favourite craft, cross stitching. There also are usually some small amounts of things going on in my life but I tag those and you can always skip if you want.

So since it has been so long I really don’t know how I should go about doing this, because I think if I was to show you all the cross stitch I have completed it would be almost too much. So I think I might do all my WIP’s first and then go from there in next posts.

So since I have a few more WIP’s then you usually see from me I have decided I am going to break them up and just do a few in this post them do the rest in the next post and then I think I will make a post of all my finishes I finished last year. Also since there has been a lot in my life that has changed I will be in each post doing little updates on what has happened with me in the last two years.

But enough with all that for now.

Let’s get to the stitching!

Death By Cross Stitch

This is as of right now my oldest WIP. If you have been with me for awhile know you can see by the picture I have made a lot of progress on it, however I still have 12 and a half pages to go.

Winter Bell Pull

I don’t even know why I am showing you this as I haven’t worked on it at all since I last showed it to you. Which is sad cause I love the piece but I guess I just love stitching on my other WIP’s more.

Family of Birds

This piece I started in close to the last few months of 2021. This piece is full of so much confetti, but I am just so happy with how much I have done on this piece.


Again so much confetti! But love stitching on this piece and love how even without any back stitching the frog looks like he’s going to leap out of the fabric. I also started this piece in 2021.

Sweet Home

I also started this piece in 2021. I really love this piece and want to finish it this year. This is the one that is the companion piece to Christmas Time that I stitched I think three years ago.

So I think that is all the WIP’s that I am going to share with you all. Now because I have really missed doing this I am going to try to make weekly posts. Because what I really want to get doing is sharing with you all my weekly progress and not missing so much time that I am having to do a big update and recap of everything that has happened to me since I have lasted posted. Don’t worry I’m not telling everything with my life but I do want to do basic little things alone with my stitching.

So I will see you all soon, and remember…

Happy Stitching! ❤️

My Stitching Goals for 2021

So last year I only completed three out of my five goals. Well this year I think I have went a little crazy with all my goals for this year.

So here is my list of my 2020 goals:

1. I would like to have the rest of my monthly series all finished. So that is seven patterns to start and finish.

2. My Christmas Time pattern I also want to get finished and also framed so I can have it up for 2020 Christmas. 

3. One of my WIP’s that I haven’t touched in a long time is the: Love from Dad, that I want to give to my dad as a gift. This piece I would like to finish and frame this year and give it to him for Christmas. 

4. This plan isn’t as big as the finishes I have in my plans, but it is something that some would call: a mini finish. I would like this year to get a page finish on my Death by Cross Stitch pattern. 

5. My last plan is that I would like to finish the two Letters in my Winter Bell Pull pattern. They are both mostly stitched just have a little more full crosses to do and then the speciality stitching and backstitching to finish them off.

So you can probably see that I didn’t complete all my goals that I had made for myself. But I was able to accomplish more then half and I did have twelve finishes so I still feel like 2020 was pretty good stitching wise.

So I’m now going to give you my list of my 2021 goals:

1. Start and finish the last three birds from the monthly series.

2. Finish Sunflowers in Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks

3. Start and finish Home Sweet Home by DMC

4. Get two page finishes on Death by Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers

5. Finish Winter Bell Pull by Stoney Creek Collection

6. Finish Birthday Needle-Roll kit by Victoria Sampler

7. Start and finish The Grey Code

8. Start and finish The Mandalorian

9. Start and finish A Good Marriage by Lizzie Kate

10. Start Autumn Bell Pull by Stoney Creek Collection if the Winter Bell Pull gets finished

11. Start and finish 2021 zodiac animal Christmas ornament

12. Start and finish Midnight’s Christmas Stocking

Now, I know that this year my goals are a lot more since last year. But this year I decided to add any starts that I want to start this year and make it a goal to finish them too. I would be really happy if I could complete all of my goals this year.

I will be back with a new update on my stitching before the end of this month or on the 1st of February.

Hope everyone is well, wherever you are in the world.

Happy Stitching Everyone!