Cross Stitching



Okay I know I’m crazy. If you’re asking why? It’s cause a day after I posted my last post, so May 19 I started a new a new cross stitch project. Ya, ya I know I should finish some of my cross stitch pieces and maybe get back to knitting. Truthfully though I wasn’t in a knitting mood and I’m still not in the mood for knitting. With how my cross stitch bug has been going I don’t expect to have my knitting bug back until November or maybe when it starts snowing, which can be awhile depending when it decides to snow this year. I’m not stitching on my other pieces just because I really just wanted to work on something new.

This piece that I started I have been working on it every day after work, even if some days it was only an hour. I’m not going to show you the finished look of it as I want to leave it as a surprise for you guys, I can say though that it is from a magazine if that’s a big enough hint for you.

I’m really glad that I have started this piece as I have been wanting to stitch it someday since I bought the magazine, however, in the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to finish it as. A few months ago though I finally figured out what I wanted to have it as and since I’m tired of all the bare walls in our little place I decided it was about time I started it; that and it also didn’t help that I was tired of that old WIP piece and probably won’t take it out for quite awhile.

In other news, I have made a really big decision in what I want to be making or actually stitching for the rest of the year. First off I will be buying patterns online for the very first time. Since I have started stitching I have always loved lots of patterns but couldn’t find good sites to buy from or I just wasn’t sure if I should even buy patterns online. Because of this I have boughten magazines and till now I have actually been really happy with lots of patterns and making very large ‘to stitch lists’. Lightly though when I go to the bookstore looking for my magazine or any cross stitching magazine I’m not really liking the carts and so I’m not getting it.

So thanks to hearing about so many sites from watching FlossTube I have found some great projects that I really want to stitch and I’m deciding I will order them this month (or I mean in June since May is almost over), since I don’t really know how long it will take to get here. So anyway there soon or hopefully by mid. June I will be starting four new projects, probably not all at once but about a week apart.

Well, I think I will leave it at that and do another post sometime next week with an update on the new WIP and more about my new stitching projects.

As always guys happy stitching! 🙂


Cross Stitching

An Old WIP

A few days ago I decided that I was just tired of working on my other pieces of cross stitch, it was probably because I just have the backstitching left to finish them. I wasn’t really wanting to start a new project either, so I dug through my cross stitch box and I found an old WIP I haven’t worked on in probably over two years.

The WIP is an old dimensions kit from The Gold Collection, so it’s not a small project by any means. Actually, it was originally my mom’s that she had started when I was maybe only five years old and awhile after she had my sister she just got out of doing cross stitching. One day when my mom was cleaning out her closet she found it and offered it for me to do, I believe I was 16 or 17 at the time. I still faintly remembered her working on it when I was little so I wanted to take up the challenge and try and finish it.

My mom hadn’t gotten that far on it, just the waist up of the man and a little of the sky portion around his shoulders is where she had finished up to.

Since that time I guess I haven’t done too much work on it and still have a lot to go, but I’m not in a rush to finish it. It’s more a piece just to work on from time to time.