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I’m Back Stitchers!​

Hi everyone, how was your summer? I hope all you stitchers out there got a lot of stitching done or/and got stitching stuff. Me, I got some stitching done and probably spent a little bit too much buying stitching supplies..Hehehe. I will admit though that I was pretty good when I went to the LNS in Edmonton. The reason I was in Edmonton was that I went on vacation for six days with my boyfriend. We went up camping in Banff, drove up into Jasper Park for a day before arriving in Edmonton, where we just stayed for a day and did a little shopping. Well, okay actually I was the one that did shopping, but surprisingly I only bought cross stitching stuff.

The reason I was in Edmonton was that I went on vacation for six days with my boyfriend. We went up camping in Banff for four days, drove up into Jasper Park for a day before arriving in Edmonton, where we just stayed for a day and did a little shopping. Well, okay actually I was the one that did shopping, but surprisingly I only bought cross stitching stuff.

The name of the shop is: The Craft Connection Ltd. on 12413 115 Ave NW, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Here is their website if you want to take a look:  The store has been open since 1984 and I believe that the lady that owns the place has owned it for over 30 years, but don’t quote me on that. The store is really amazing and has great customer service. When I walked in the owner asked me if I had been there before, when I told her that I hadn’t she gave me a tour of the shop and showed me where everything was, then let me go at it with looking at everything. I think you could visit that place over and over and still not see everything there was. That may just be me though as I have now with this one only visited two LNS’s. The other one is the closest one to where I am and it’s called: Prairie Lily Knitting and Needlework Shop, however, it doesn’t have a huge selection on stitching supplies, although if compared to Micheal’s it has a much better selection. She also will order anything that you may want that she doesn’t have. She has a website, however, her Facebook page is updated very often and she can be messaged with replies very quickly:  Prairie Lily Knitting I would suggest if you’re in Edmonton or the Saskatoon area that you visit these two shops.

Okay now on to some stitching stuff that I have been working on. You’ll be surprised and hopefully happy to hear that I have two finishes since I last posted, which personally I think is a really good achievement. I think the first one I should show you is my mom’s birthday card:image3              If you remember I told you that I had this project half finished for a few years and that I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it. Well, it’s finished and she loved it. So happy to have finally finished it.

My next finish was my boyfriend’s Christmas piece. With him such a big fan of Star Trek, I had to get the ‘Star Trek: The Original’ pattern by Clouds Factoryimage2  I don’t mind how it turned out, but I think the next time I stitch one of these and it’s on Aida I think I will have to use three strands of thread. I only used two and luckily from this picture you can’t really see it and I am hoping you won’t be able to see through the fabric when I get it framed.

So that’s it for finishes. I would have liked to have my mom’s Christmas piece finished, but sadly I am getting really tired of stitching it and just losing complete interest in stitching it. I’m hoping though that my interest will return soon and I will have it finished and then be able to work on my dad’s Christmas piece. I have actually started it, but I only have about five little cross stitches done.

Well, here it is: image1 See it is almost finished. Now if only I could actually get to stitching it.

Well, that’s all for me. I hope to do an update sooner than this one. I’m really trying to update more often than just once a month. I have been stitching a lot as you can see, but I just don’t seem to be able to get on here enough to update this as much as I would like too. I’m not going to say that I will update next week, but I think I will try to update again before the end of this month.

As always happy stitching everyone till next time.



Chit Chat

Mystery Blogger Nomination

Hello, everyone. I’m back again. Sorry, this isn’t an update on any of my cross stitching, but I am planning for an update tomorrow or on Friday.

This post is because when I opened my WordPress account I found that one of my dear blogger friends had nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I just was so surprised and also very happy that someone saw my blog and liked it enough to give me a nomination.

So thank you so much: Emz Crafty Creations;


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog, 

2. tell your readers three things about yourself, 

3. nominate people, notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs, 

4. ask your nominees five questions of your choice and share a link or links to your favourite posts.

Answering Questions:

  1. What is your favourite type of music? – That is really a hard question for me as I kind of love a bit of everything. I have to say I do like a lot of rock music though.
  2. Why did you start blogging? -I started blogging cause I love writing and I just wanted to start writing about my crafting and just showing people what I was doing.
  3. If you could be in any TV show or film what would it be and why? – I would love to be a character in the show Once Upon a Time, because you never seem to know what or where you are or can go next, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Where’s the most exciting place you visited? -Going to the mountains in Calgary with my parents for their wedding, even though I was five I can still remember the walking in the snow with my dad and thinking that we could climb to the top, but we only got to one tip point and I remember feeling like we were at the very top. Funny how we see things when we are kids.
  5. Whats your spirit animal? -Sorry don’t have one

Three things about myself: 

  1. Even though I am a girl I am not very girly. I hate make-up, going out, high heels, making a big deal about how I look. I rarely wear make-up or make myself look a certain way. I like to just be me.
  2. A romantic night for me is going out for a walk or staying in, talking and just getting to know one each other.
  3. When I’m with my best friend I can suddenly be the loudest ridiculous person in the room, acting like I’m 16 again or in some cases, we are acting like 10-year-olds again with the way were laughing.

My Nominations:

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My questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing in the world to do?
  2. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, right this second where would you go?
  3. If you could buy anything right now, doesn’t matter how much, what would you buy. Remember only one thing?
  4. What do you think or believe is your true passion in life?
  5. When you are 75 or over what do you want to be doing?

Thank you once again Emz Crafty Creations for your nomination.

Cross Stitching

Loosing the Stitching-Bug

Well hello fellow stitchers, I’m back.

Yes, I know. I told you all that I would try and be back in ten days and sadly it has been 18 days. I really wish that I could get on here more and update more, cause it’s not like I have nothing to update.

However, I don’t really know when I will be able to update again after this as I have kind of lost some of my stitching inspiration. Sure I love all the things that I am stitching but for some reason, I just feel kind of worn out over it, or maybe I’m a little overwhelmed at all I have to finish before Christmas, even though that is far away.

Well, let’s get on with what you all want to see…my stitching.

First I think I will show you my finish. Yes, you read correctly I have a finish!


It took me longer than I wanted to, but I lost interest and then when I had started it again I couldn’t find the last colour I needed, but luckily two days later I was able to find it. This one will be given to my best friend for Christmas as she just loves the Goonies and it is still her favourite movie.

My next update that I have is the one that I am stitching for my mom. I got the title all finished up and another little quote, but there is still a little backstitching to be done on the vegetables. IMG_0273I haven’t worked on this piece in about a week, I’m just not wanting to stitch it I guess and I really don’t know why. I think it just might be part of the whole not wanting to stitch and losing interest.

I now have two new starts to show you. One of them is another gift for someone for Christmas and the other one is a start for myself that I just couldn’t wait to stitch.

It’s not very much yet, but the piece is also small just like ‘The Goonies’ piece. This will be given to my Boyfriend for Christmas. I’m planning on trying to finish this by the end of this month, but that’s only going to happen if I actually go and pick it up and stitch it. Haven’t done so yet sadly. IMG_0291

Now, this is the start that I started two days ago and only worked on it for that one day. I really wanted to stitch it and wasn’t even planning on starting it, but every time I sat down to stitch I just wanted to stitch this piece, so I gave in and started it. This was also an attempt at trying to get my stitching bug back. It worked a little, but I haven’t stitched anything now since this piece. IMG_0292.JPGThis is my first attempt at using variegated floss. I think what I have so far looks pretty nice using the variegated and I’m hoping it will make the piece very unique as the chart does not call for using variegated floss.

Well, that’s all I have to show you for now. I hope to be back so, but I can only come back if I actually get to stitching something.

Cross Stitching

Oh So Much to Show You

A month!

Okay, wait, no it hasn’t been a whole month? Has it? Nope!…39 days since I last posted, which is actually over a month ago. Time really does seem to go by fast every once in awhile. I truly didn’t think it had been over a month since I last posted. I knew it had been a long time and I could tell with all the progress I have made since my last pos, but I just didn’t think it had been over a month.

Well let’s start this off right, shall we?

So on my last post, I showed you what I had done on my little kitty in the rain chart, that I am planning on making into a key hook board, which I not sure if I mention that to you last time. Oh well, you know now if you didn’t before. So since it has been over a month and even though I haven’t worked on this piece in maybe three to four weeks I actually made a lot of progress in that time and only have a few more parts and then backstitching. IMG_0267See? Look how cute he looks, or she looks. Personally, I don’t think it really matters. As you can see though even though I haven’t finished all the cross stitches I have done some backstitching to finish the words and just so I could make the cute kitty’s face.

Now on to the next thing that I started and only worked two days on it before starting something else. Yes, I’ve gone a little crazy with my stitching and starting new projects. But remember last time I mentioned that I was going to be stitching gifts for Christmas? No..Yes? Well, I have actually started some of the projects that are going to be gifts to a few people that are very important to me in my life.

The piece that I’m going to show know is going to be for my grandma, though since her birthday is only a few weeks after Christmas and the piece would be way more suited for her birthday if I changed a few things, I have decided to give it on her birthday and for Christmas I’m just going to get her something else she would like or wants.

IMG_0265I haven’t done very much on it, but then again I did say that I only worked on this for two days. So for two days, I’m pretty happy with how far I got in it.

Alright, two pieces down, two more to show you. 🙂 Yep lots of stitching stuff for me! Not that I’m complaining about that, no, I love that I have some much to work on and have worked on so much. Doing this has really made me realize just how much stitching I have done. Which makes me feel really happy, even though I have no finished projects.

This piece is almost finished and I should probably just go and finish it, however, backstitch just sometimes makes me not want to work on a piece. So it’s not completely finished but all the stitches are done and I just have words and some details that are in backstitching. This piece is going to be for my best friend. Yes, the same best friend that I gave that other piece to her last year for her birthday. IMG_0266

Okay the last piece, I promise…well last piece for this post. Next post will most likely have one or two new projects to show you, depending on a few things work out.

This piece is going to be for my mom as you can probably tell by the top wording. There’s still some more wording that goes on the top which I am planning to work on and hopefully finish by the end of this weekend. IMG_0269

Alright, that’s all I have to share with you this time. I think since I am working on so much I am going to try and post a stitching update or crafting update at least every week to ten days. So if I go over ten days you guys have to message me angry messages to go and post again. No, just kidding you don’t have to, but if you do I won’t be mad and will probably just start laughing and then go and do a post. 🙂

Happy weekend and hope all you stitchers are able to find time on your weekend and stitch. 🙂 Hope to see you guys soon.


Cross Stitching



Okay I know I’m crazy. If you’re asking why? It’s cause a day after I posted my last post, so May 19 I started a new a new cross stitch project. Ya, ya I know I should finish some of my cross stitch pieces and maybe get back to knitting. Truthfully though I wasn’t in a knitting mood and I’m still not in the mood for knitting. With how my cross stitch bug has been going I don’t expect to have my knitting bug back until November or maybe when it starts snowing, which can be awhile depending when it decides to snow this year. I’m not stitching on my other pieces just because I really just wanted to work on something new.

This piece that I started I have been working on it every day after work, even if some days it was only an hour. I’m not going to show you the finished look of it as I want to leave it as a surprise for you guys, I can say though that it is from a magazine if that’s a big enough hint for you.

I’m really glad that I have started this piece as I have been wanting to stitch it someday since I bought the magazine, however, in the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to finish it as. A few months ago though I finally figured out what I wanted to have it as and since I’m tired of all the bare walls in our little place I decided it was about time I started it; that and it also didn’t help that I was tired of that old WIP piece and probably won’t take it out for quite awhile.

In other news, I have made a really big decision in what I want to be making or actually stitching for the rest of the year. First off I will be buying patterns online for the very first time. Since I have started stitching I have always loved lots of patterns but couldn’t find good sites to buy from or I just wasn’t sure if I should even buy patterns online. Because of this I have boughten magazines and till now I have actually been really happy with lots of patterns and making very large ‘to stitch lists’. Lightly though when I go to the bookstore looking for my magazine or any cross stitching magazine I’m not really liking the carts and so I’m not getting it.

So thanks to hearing about so many sites from watching FlossTube I have found some great projects that I really want to stitch and I’m deciding I will order them this month (or I mean in June since May is almost over), since I don’t really know how long it will take to get here. So anyway there soon or hopefully by mid. June I will be starting four new projects, probably not all at once but about a week apart.

Well, I think I will leave it at that and do another post sometime next week with an update on the new WIP and more about my new stitching projects.

As always guys happy stitching! 🙂


Cross Stitching

An Old WIP

A few days ago I decided that I was just tired of working on my other pieces of cross stitch, it was probably because I just have the backstitching left to finish them. I wasn’t really wanting to start a new project either, so I dug through my cross stitch box and I found an old WIP I haven’t worked on in probably over two years.

The WIP is an old dimensions kit from The Gold Collection, so it’s not a small project by any means. Actually, it was originally my mom’s that she had started when I was maybe only five years old and awhile after she had my sister she just got out of doing cross stitching. One day when my mom was cleaning out her closet she found it and offered it for me to do, I believe I was 16 or 17 at the time. I still faintly remembered her working on it when I was little so I wanted to take up the challenge and try and finish it.

My mom hadn’t gotten that far on it, just the waist up of the man and a little of the sky portion around his shoulders is where she had finished up to.

Since that time I guess I haven’t done too much work on it and still have a lot to go, but I’m not in a rush to finish it. It’s more a piece just to work on from time to time.